Access dictation portal


29.06.2022 10:30: Firefox issue
Latest Firefox browser update (102.0) changes how Firefox treats uncommon filetypes (such a the Diktamen .xmldiktamen filetype). This in some cases leads to it being impossible to open the Diktamen recorder/playback app when clicking the "New Dictation" or "Launch Player" buttons on the Diktamen web portal when using the Firefox browser. We are working to accommodate the change Firefox has made into their browser behavior. Until then, two workarounds exist: 1) do not update Firefox 2) use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or another browser that is not Firefox

14.12.2021 07:00: Security Bulletin
Diktamen services and software are not affected by the Log4j vulnerability currently making headlines. We are using a different framework for logging and this framework has been checked not to be vulnerable.